Questions about my first asic setup (10 of them)

Hi! I’ve had my eyes on 10 Antminer s9k for sale, but had some question about setting it up safely. Since there’s lot of them, and i do not have a 240v outlet, does a PDU will help, or do i really need a 240v outlet for the number of asic there is? This will be my fisrt asic setup, and I’m still not sure about all the electricity requirements, even more with 10 of them.

Thank you in advance

You will need 240v setup for sure. In fact you will need
3 240v outlets setup each on a 30amp breaker. Each of these miners will pull 1310 watts. Each 240v outlet will support 7200 watts however you cannot go over 80% capacity for safety reasons. This will leave you with a usable 5760 watts. The usable watts divided by the needed per miner putts you at 4 miners MAX per PDU.
Something else to remember is that you will need to keep an eye on the AMPs being used. The 80% rule applies here as well which leaves you with 24amps usable per 30amp breaker. To determine your amps take the total watts available (7200) and divide by the watts being used by each device (1310) which should give you a close estimate for Amps being used. In your case 5.5amps being used per miner. With 4 mines on each PDU that would put you at 22amps out of the 24 usable. I hope this helps.