Questions for CPU and GPU mining

Hello everyone,

I have a few questions if anyone is able to assist me with this. Before I start no this build was not built for mining but it can handle it so before anyone tells me that well I already know lol.I have an Intel I9 7980 XE CPU and 2 FTW Evega Geoforce GTX 1080 TI’s GPU’s. What should I be mining for with my CPU and GPU and with what software? I was mining Monroe with my CPU and another coin with my GPU (Can’t remember off the top of my head what it was) and someone mentioned to me that because my I9 can only use roughly 50% of it I shouldn’t be mining Monroe. 18 cores 36 Threads and 20mb of L3 cache

20/2 = 10 threads of RandomX

These threads are spread among 9 cores of your CPU, hence 50%

Any and all help is greatly appreciated and thank you in advance for those who are able to contribute to this post. Just trying to learn more what is profitable currently and what is not based off my equipment.

Currently doing ETH with ClaymoreDual Miner

I have the same (wonderful) processor. It can do wonderful things all at once.

I use Hellminer with 14 Threads to mine Verus on the SafeTrade exchange. Just join SafeTrade, select Verus and receive to get your wallet address.

I doesn’t earn a whole lot, but over time …it adds up. Also 14 cores leaves the rest of my system with full power to browse, rip videos, watch youtube videos, and gpu mine all at the same time without raising the cpu temperature above 60C. All those things start getting hot, and bogging down if you start mining on more than 18 cores without undervolting the cpu.

GPU mining on a video card with less than 4GB of memory? I suggest RVN although I am currently mining RYO. If you have more memory, mine ETH with the GPU’s and use Phoenix Miner or T-Rex miner.

You’ll need a RVN wallet (with keys) to mine RVN. You won’t get keys at SafeTrade, but will have a password. I use SafeTrade to exchange the Verus into BTC once enough is deposited. It can be sent anywhere from there.

How much Verus in USD per day do you think you make? Also why use Phoenix or T-Rex over Claymore? Another question is why RYO? It has been on a decline and has never gone above its original price when it started being a coin.

Currently getting 19.03 MH/s CPU mining Verus. Rough guestimate is that I make 75 Veruscoin/month. That’s about $23/month. I can’t say exactly without logging into safetrade and counting the days since my last deposit, but that is close. I keep the CPU running 24/7 and it stays about 57-59 C at that 14 thread load.

Both Phoenix and T-Rex are great. Claymore was supposed to stop working last month. There will be no more updates to it. Phoenix Miner works on both AMD and nVidea GPU’s while T-Rex only works on nVidia cards.

Why RYO? Some of the influencers were showing that after electricity costs, it turned a profit using video cards having 4GB or less. I’ll post a link to their video. They also mention Conceal mining. I was able to earn more profit with RYO than with ETC. I haven’t tried RVN mining with 4GB or less cards.

There are also videos on mining RVN and ETC here. Getting a good wallet and exchange are the toughest parts in my opinion