Quick 220 best 220v converter on the market

This 220v system is different then your regular converter. You don’t need to step up to double watts,this converter plugs into 2 separate outlets that are run on separate phase.

One plug there
And another right here…

Comes with adapter plug as well

This is all you need for worry less 220v(this one is 15amp,they do carry a 20amp)

does it tell you if you have chosen two plugs that are on the same circuit or are you supposed to figure that out yourself before installing?

If your on the same circuit the light will not be lit like you see on the quick220. I took 2 extension cords and a multimeter to make sure 220v is being put out between both cords,which was actually 240v.

Other peices that came with it,(1) extra 220v adapter plug,GFI finder(GFI outlets will not work on this model,GFI outlets can be converted back to regular outlet)