Quick question about motherboard mounting on a budget 😂

Hi there, first time on this forum and it looks like the perfect place to get some clarity :innocent:

I recently got into the arms race of mining, and are working on creating a budget rig with a wired rack like this:

My plan is to go cheap and use strips like this to get the GPU’s and motherboard’s hanging:

Is this safe? Or am I running the risk of destroying my components? :thinking:

!that second part

Just be sure to come back in a couple of months and let us all know how that works out for you.

I’ll make a mental note to report back. So far I got my rig running with the GPU’s hanging with no issues, but my motherboard is placed inside a standard pc case. Haven’t dared to hang my motherboard up yet :joy:
Do you have some thoughts on why this could be a bad idea? :innocent:

@gogoro Unless the motherboard is directly touching the wire rack, it shouldn’t be a problem. But if it touches the metal rack, it might cause it to short out.

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Thanks! Then I belive I can get it going in a safe manner as long as I hang it a bit down from the shelf, and some cm down :thinking::star_struck: Thanks for your thoughts!