Quick question about wallets

My rig is on nice hash and my ASICS are on slush pool. Can I avoid coinbase by sending my rewards directly to Leger Nano S? Do I have to change the wallet address each time that this happens?

You can withdraw from NiceHash directly to your Bitcoin address on your Ledger Nano S, and you can set that same BTC address as your payout address from SlushPool. You can re-use the Bitcoin address, that’s no problem.

Keep in mind if you get several hundred payouts to your Nano S, it will likely begin to operate slowly. Technically they do not recommend mining to it (with small payments at least), but I wouldn’t worry about it until you had well over a hundred transactions. We mined to our Nano S previously and after awhile it did become slow, similar performance degradation happened with our Trezor (not Model T).

Thanks a ton! Yeay I learned something new today!