Qustion about power/electrical

Anyone good with electrical out there, have a question. Currently starting my own mining operation. I live in an apartment. so messing with the panel for 220 plugs will be a no. Only regular household 110v available (except for the stove). Im looking to mine in my apartment to start because i dont pay electrical. Now that being said im looking into using low watt asic miners but say i wanted to use multiple or a higher watt device. example say i wanted to use an Antminer S9 , requires 1323w. now i could use 2 850w PSU and plug into 110v or i could use a usual power source and plug into a 220v (which i dont have) or and heres my question say i use and S9 or a higher watt that regires 220v could i not us a voltage converter such as the one i posted in the link below to up the watt, and run a miner that requires 220v …or would this either burn my electrical box out or my miner wouldnt work or worse.

Plugging a load into the high voltage end of the converter will draw fewer amps but on the low voltage end the current draw will be the same or higher due to losses of the converter which will not be 100% efficient.

You are better off plugging into the 110v receptacle. Yes, the breaker will trip if you exceed 1725 watts on all appliances plugged into the same circuit. Two 850 watt power supplies should work if you follow the 80% load rule and have no other items plugged into the same circuit.

I have no idea how many breakers or what their size is for your apartment, but the less there are, the greater the chance that other items share the circuits

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