R.E.D. (Rig Expansion Day) 😂

Woohoo!! Found a decent deal on 2 XFX rx580’s ($140 ea) so I’ll start building my frame today…ordered them and some riser cards…that should do some decent"Digging" (as my wife calls it​:joy:) here’s what I have…FX6300 on Gigabyte board…16gb mem…XFX 5700xt, 2- XFX 580’s(soon)…evga 850w psu running Windows 10… Been steady mining Ravencoin for now…you guys have created a monster​:joy::joy:I hope you’re proud of yourselves :joy::joy::joy:thanks for all the great advice on this forum…enjoy your holiday weekend all

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I’m interested in why you are mining RVN on a 5700XT? I can’t find any settings on my 5700s where RVN is even half as profitable as ETH (and it’s the same on my 570s). Are you willing to share your settings and calculations?

I’m running my settings at 1310/750/1800… Getting 25-26 MH/s…mining 50-60 coin a day…I just got started doing this so I’m really just getting my feet wet…I’m learning that’s for sure…figured I’d mine about 1000 coin then try mining something else so I can see what’s better to work on…

Good strategy. Too many people mine for only a couple of hours then try something else. You need to do a good stretch on each coin to make sure you iron out the fluctuations of total hash rate, difficulty and most importantly, luck. I found that a week to 10 days of stable mining on a coin gives me a good indication of my achievable hash rate and power usage which is important unless you have free electricity. Your profitability will then depend on your hash rate as a function of the difficulty of the coin you are mining, which itself is a product of the network hash rate (the total number of miner’s hashing on the network - the higher the network hash rate the higher the difficulty and the less coins that will be mined per hash).

Keep an eye on https://whattomine.com/coins because that can point you to changes in profitability that you won’t see if you are simply mining away on one particular coin. Once you have worked out your hash rate and power usage on a range of algorithms, visit it regularly to test your profitability on different coins as network hash rates and difficulties move around, but keep in mind that this site uses standard hash rates for each type of GPU and also standard power usage. With tweaking, you can of course get better hash rates and lower power usage - as can be seen from you getting 25-26MH/s on Kawpow where the website default is just 21MH/S at 170W (I reckon your power usage would be down around the 75-80W level?).

Alternatively, you could use NiceHash which will continue to monitor profitability on a range of algorithms and coins, then mine what is the most profitable at any given time. I use it on my machines and my RTX 2080 Super jumps in and out of three different algos - Kawpow, Daggerhashimoto and very occasionally Beam V3. Of course the offset is a mining fee but it still turns out to be more profitable for me than mining to individual pools has been.

Good luck with the R.E.D - it’s like a drug once you get started.

Thank you!! I’ll start watching that site to see what to mine…I’ve not tried nice hash yet but just signed up…this is pretty exciting…wish I’d known about it years ago since I’ve always built myself good gaming PC’s…got most of the new rig frame done yesterday, will finish today, just need placement of support for bottom side of gpu’s then the 580"s and risers should be here tomorrow…how’s cudo miner? I’ve been mining using team red miners kawpaw program

Got all set up on nicehash…not sure I’m a fan of them taking over settings on my gpu…I think switching between the algorithms seems tough on the gpu…think I’m gonna stick to learning how to mine on the pools and experiment with card settings on my own…thanks again for your help

Keep in mind Rdex that you can take back that control from NiceHash. First, in settings on the miner app, you can click off or set the switch difference to a greater amount. Second, under Benchmarking, you can uncheck anything you don’t want to mine. I had to uncheck KawPow cause the power drain was 20% higher for the same amount and on my Radeon VIIs it was running my junction temps into the high 90s. Now I pretty much just have the 3 Dagger chosen.

Hope you’re having fun regardless of what you choose.

@rdex Not sure where they are taking over your settings? I set up all my overclocking and undervolting in the Radeon Adrenalin software, then start NiceHash which does not change any of my settings. You can also add startup parameters in the Nicehash software that are pretty much identical to the ones you would use on the software if you were running it as a standalone program mining to a pool.

You can just mine single algorithms on nicehash without using their awful software. That keeps them entirely out of your rig. I use Phoenix miner and bounce between ETH, ETC, and Nicehash. Profit switching in Nicehash on a 5700 isn’t likely to happen often anyway.

Gotcha thanks!!! Turned off cpu mining monero and just mining ETH on dagerhash and its running good @ 51ish MH/s…:+1: Got my 2- 580’s last night hopefully riser cards come today…I’ll post a pic of the frame I built once I get everything mounted…all kinds of exciting…nice to be in full blown nerd mode again :joy::joy:wish I’d have known about this years ago…thanks again for all the help…much appreciated

Question with nicehash…it restarts the miner after it reaches 33 shares…I see in the settings it has a switch minimum of 34 and a max of 55… Can I/should I change these so it doesn’t restart? Is there a benefit of it restarting?

@rdex That’s not a restart setting I don’t think. Those settings control the calculation that NiceHash does when it is determining the most profitable algorithm for your equipment to mine, and whether to switch from the current algorithm to another one.

On AMD GPUs it will usually only consider Claymores Dual Miner and Phoenix Miner as most other algorithms are nowhere near as profitable. My experience is that my modded RX570 hash faster on Claymore’s and my unmodded RX5700 hash faster on Phoenix.

I have a few rigs including one rig with 6 x RX570s which I let mine away on Claymore’s, but on another rig I have a mix of 6 X RX5700s and 3 x RX570s and I used to let it run both algorithms in separate windows. In seeking greater stability, I forced the RX570s to mine on Phoenix which is a little slower but seems to be more stable on my setup having just the one algorithm running.

As to your re-start issue - that seems to be a very strange activity. Is it restarting the same algorithm or is it changing algorithms (eg from Claymore’s to Phoenix and back again)? If it’s changing algorithms then you can fix it by turning off one of them. If it’s just restarting the same algorithm every time it gets to 33 shares, then you have something very weird going on that I’ve never heard of before.

Thanks… I’ve only got it mining on Phoenix…its running good so not sure of the restarts…not getting many rejected shares or anything so who knows :joy: hash rate staying very consistent at about 51.9… hopefully today I’ll get everything moved into the frame I built and get the 580’s up and going too…what’s good settings for the 580’s running Phoenix? Thanks again

On my 570s I use a Core Clock of 1200mHz on a voltage of 875mV. Memory is set to 2050mHz on a voltage of 875mV also. On Claymores, this gives me 31mH/s for about 87W on each card (I only get 29.5mH/s for the same power on Phoenix).

These cards were modded to 580 bios but you should get a little more out of your genuine 580s. You could start with these settings then wind up your Memory (that’s what will get you better hash rates) towards 2100 mHz and see how high you can go. If you get instability (or artefacts on the screen as I sometimes did) you could drop the Memory speed or increase the power until they go away - whichever is more important to you. If you over do it, the PC will likely crash and on restart all should be reset to base figures so you can start tweaking again knowing where your limit is.

Remember also that the highest hash rate will not always get you the best mining return. I wound some of my 570s up to 2100Mhz on the memory but they got too many rejected shares to make it worthwhile - so keep an eye on your “rejects”.

Awesome thank you👍much appreciated