Radeon 5600 XT Gaming MX Mining

Hi Gus,

I am running a rig with 6 of theses and I am only able to get over 37 MH/S.
Is anyone having any luck getting 42 or +??

PS, I have watched the Youtube video about flashing the bios and it doesn’t work… so any suggestions?

what clock/undervolt settings are you using and what is preventing you from raising them? I am guessing its probably memory temperature? On my 5600xt mech (terrible card btw) I undervolted the memory (not controller) and set a fixed fan speed and it dropped the temp to low 80s.

If Dual Bios, check that you are using performance mode.

Also , you need to be in Compute mode but I don’t know how to set that.

Try TeamRedMiner