RADEON rx series

Any thoughts on the 5500XT card? For me there is a 3k difference in price VS 5700XT, so I just wanted to know if it’s a good buy or if I should wait.

I currently have 2 rigs running 8gb RX580 cards, but looking for something with more hash power and efficiency.

Getting real hard to get GPUs here without having to sell your soul.

DO NOT buy 5500’s. Watch some YouTube videos. Your 580’s hash better.

I am with Thomas on this. 5500xt are not worth it. A 5500xt will mine at around 26 mh/s @ 90w with a payback time of 138 Days. An rx580 8g will mine at 30 mh/s @ 80w with a payback time of 132 Days. The numbers were done with 0.10khw. However I do not know the prices of cards were you live or your objectives. If its payback time you should check what is the fastest. If its just hashing power the 5700xt will be the best.

Cheers man. Thanks for the feedback.

For me it’s a combination of payback time and hash power. So I’m looking for the best all round that’s not stupid pricey.

I’m in South Africa so cards are stupidly expensive due to exchange rates and import taxes etc. So for a guy like me, I hustle for the 2nd hand cards so I can generate funds for upgrades.

Our electric goes up in stages for home electric from 0.09c/kwh to 0.11c/kwh. So as usage increases, the tarrif increases