Radeon RX Vega 64, worth?

Because my provider has run out of RX5700XT GPUs I were seeking for other cards with same average price, and I found an offert for RX Vega 64, for about $300 each.
Now, the question is, is this card worth it?
It consumes 220W producing 39Mh/s on ETH (based on online statistics), while RX5700XT produces about 51Mh/s with 140W

What you guys think?
At this point, would be better get RX580 for about 130$ each? Each should produce an average of 25Mh/s so x2 = 50Mh/s with 130W each, so 260W total

5700s (non-XT) can do a lot better than 51 Mh/s at 140W. The power can go another 10 watts/card lower than shown below but they become a little unstable so I don’t push them that far. I would wait for the 5700s or find another provider.

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Alright, thanks mate

By the way, do you have any experience getting GPUs by alibaba.com? Their prices seems a bit too convenient to be true :thinking:

I haven’t purchased anything from there. I agree. Some of them seem way too cheap to be real. Some of the specs they list aren’t even for 5700s on the cheaper listings. The ones that are $300+ might be legit.

Yeah, that’s what hold me off from buying there.

Also, I have sent you a private message, could you check it out for me please?
Thank you!