Raising the stock market after Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic is ending, and stocks that have collapsed begin to rise again. I think this is a great opportunity right now for smart people to make money.

It will be great if in the comments you share information about promising stocks that are now at the bottom, with a logical reasoning why they should be pulled out.

I have looked many shares, in my opinion the best choice is SYTA (Siyata Mobile Inc). This company is a leader in the field of LTE and 5G communications solutions, and was stable at the level of $ 40-70 before the crisis. 2020 was supposed to be a record year for profits, but the economy was preoccupied with covid problems, plus the attacks of rednecks that linked 5G technology to the spread of coronavirus were a significant blow. This stock fell from $ 40 in February 2020 (start pandemic) to $ 4 in October 2020, after which it began to grow steadily. Now it costs $ 11, and in light of the latest news about mass vaccinations, and the possible entry of Siyata Mobile into government and military markets, I am absolutely sure that it will make at least x5 by the end of the year. (not a recommendation, just my opinion)

(Siyata Mobile Announces Closing of Acquisition of ClearRF, LLC

Acquisition immediately synergistic to Siyata’s growing North American cellular booster business with additional expansion to U.S. manufacturing, providing potential critical access to U.S. military and defense contracts - https://www.siyatamobile.com/siyata-mobile-announces-strategic-acquisition-of-clearrf-llc/ )

I am wondering what other stocks have similar potential to keep my portfolio balanced. Thank you