Random shutdown

Hello i started a build about 2 months ago and its currently running 8x RX 5700 XT GPUs. It will at random points get a OpenCall error on different cards (only way to remove error is restarting miner) then at random points during the day or night it will just shut down for no reason that i know of. If anyone dont mind or have ideas i would really appreciate the help.

What mining software are you using?

I am using the claymore duel miner. Its also running windows 10

Try using DDU in safemode to uninstall drivers. And reinstall using latest amd software and if that fails change from Windows to hive OS . You won’t regret it. For me personally this card has given me nothing but troubles until I switched to hive. (All other GPUs have had no issue running on windows)

do you think Linux would be a good route or go with Hive os instead? Thank you for the help by the way.

Linux can be a bit hard to use if you are unfamiliar or have never used linux before, if you are familiar with Linux UI then go for it . I’d recommend hive if not.

Yea I moved the system into a new room and now not powering on. but I think its RAM or an MB problem. I do have a smaller system running 1 of the 5700 GPUs. Miner programmer works then turn off within 5-20 minutes temp is fine. power is fine. after turns self off causes blue screen