Random Stale Shares

All of a sudden I’ve had constant stale shares. Only thing I’ve done different funny enough in the last 48 hours is I’ve left a desk fan blowing on high next to my pc at it. Obviously should not cause anything but saying it since it is the only thing I’ve changed recently. Am I nuts or is ethermine having issues? Ignore the down time I was streaming on twitch and shut it off during those times.

if you are signing on and off of it, then my best guess would the quality of the connection you have to the pool

How do I fix this? Cause I heard something about their stuff having some issues and that was why some swapped to f2p. It was stable before this with very few shares being stale but now it’s all over like you see.

Could also be pool instability, have your overclock settings been changed at all? because that can have something to do with it too. When I woke up this morning I found my settings have been changed. No one at my house touches my rig except me and when I’m done doing any work on it, I unplug my keyboard and mouse because I have a cat that likes to use my keyboard as a dance floor at night. But I noticed my fan settings were changed and thankfully none of my clock or power settings were changed

It’s just clocked at 1923 undervolted to 950 on both 1080 ti’s with eth pill running. For whatever reason too you can tell that the hashrate line is under what it was peaking at before. However, idk why it seems to fluctuate a lot but after this downtime I updated driver. Still pool instability of some sort. Any fix or switch pools?

Try changing pools or updating mining software