RandomX Mining Setup (by a noob)

Hey guys, whats up

I’ve been looking into monero mining and i do think that im going for it. I’ve never mined (nor cpu or gpu), but i think i’m finally going for it, and i’ve decided that if im going for mining, i rather mine a coin that i really like… at least its ideals

So, here’s the setup that i’m thinking of getting just for mining…
3900x, 4x Corsair 16Gb DDR4 3600MHz Vengeance CL18, 600w PSU, MSI GeForce GT710LP, 240gb SATA III SSD, and i was thinking about getting a B450 or x470…

Is anyone out here with a similar setup? I’m not quite sure about the MoBo, i did read somewhere that the B450 has some power outage limitations or something… but im wondering which MoBo would you suggest, and if the RAM choice is ideal (4 sticks, CL18, 3600Mhz)

I’m kinda looking for the “bang for the buck” setup, using somethings that i have already laying around, and some that i would need to buy

I do know that theres the need to update the BIOS in some MoBo cases…

Either way, I’m just a newbie that found this community, wanting to get into the mining scene xD
Thanks in advance

Update: I bought the parts, used some that i had at home, tryied to play around with the clocks, and I’m getting this hashrates

The thing is, the temperature is too high… I’m trying to find the best CPU core voltage and frequency, When i firstly tried to increase the clock, with XMP on, the pc was crashing, I turned it off again, and its running, but i’m still trying to understand which “knobs” should i turn… Any sugestions for me?


  • Ryzen 3900x
  • MSI x470 Gaming Plus Max
  • 4x 8Gb Corsair Vengeance 3600Mhz
  • Stock cooler :c (should i get a new one? or with some tweaks i can get the temperature lower?)

You mining monero with your cpu? Spend money on the cpu. The rest doesn’t do much.

Well Done!

If you want any technical assistance just msg in https://webchat.freenode.net/ Channel Name - #monero-pools

They will help you better