Raptoreum CPU mining

Anyone currently CPU mining Raptoreum? I’ve watched a bunch of videos of builds but haven’t pulled the trigger on building a CPU Raptoreum miner yet.

Yup, I am doing it on 5 rigs currently. It’s not crazy profitable, probably only making $5-10 a day. But it’s extra money from the hardware.

What are you running?

Im getting into RTM mining but im starting with a Ryzen 1700, 3600 and eyeing a cheap 3900. According to the calculator ive ran, ill only make a few dollars a day but if the price goes up in the future, its not a bad deal.

I am running 3 5900x and two other intel chips I think they are 9400 and 10600, I don’t remember bc they are in mining rigs and not bought for this purpose.

is that 9400 per 5950X?
are you overclocked? i ask becaus ei have a 3950X that giving about 4000

The 9400 is an intel chip, not a hash rate