Raptoreum Website πŸ‘€ ….IDK

I recently ran across Raptoreum and went to look it up and apparently there are two different websites … One is .COM the other is .ORG. Which one is the real website ?

I would stick with the .com as it’s the one mentioned on their twitter account: https://twitter.com/raptoreum and reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/raptoreum/.

@Two_Tribes_One_Natio did you give Raptoreum a shot? So far seems more profitable than other CPU mining ive done on my GPU rigs. Not sure which exchange ill use though. Vosk did a video on Trade Ogre back in 2019 so Ill prob check that out.

I have not just yet …like shib, I turned all my rigs on algo / Ada knowing that they will both go up and can be staked. (Unminable)

I had to take it back to the OG miners & have faith. To date I had another rig on MANA and that paid off very well.

I am studying new projects that makes sense, and aiming hash power toward those those projects based on their use cases. It seems the logical way for me. Everyone has a different strategy. I choose an acceptable loss using unminable with coins that have a future purpose. It’s simple and doesn’t require me hours of reconfiguring. Gpu mining is not dead to me, it is a matter of how I use them. Last year ADA was was less than 9 cents when I took a second look at it.

There are new projects today that will weather the storms of the future. Trying to compete with the big dogs and then get hit with gas’s fees … I can’t do that. Like a Roth IRA hit me with the fee up front and my hash rate will pay me the coins as the go up on the back end. :100:

And they can be staked.