Raspberry Pi Project - any advice?

Hey everyone,

i got lately hooked on the crypto train. After reading about nodes, I thought about starting a little project to a) help out the community of sorts and b) use the lockdown times to learn a little bit about the Raspberry Pi and its uses.

I found my way to this forum through Youtube obviously. I’m very well aware that I’m not gonna make substantial money with a Pi, which is totally fine.

So I’m wondering what you guys recommend - best possible case, I would maybe like to start with an altcoin project, that has a little community going on and doesn’t require a ton of money to get started.

Also, if there’s an important part here that I’m missing, please let me know!

All the best from Germany,


Do you mean that Pi coin that you can mine using your smartphone?

no he’s talking about a raspberry pi, which is a small linux based computer.

you can check which coins require what amount of coin to start a node online and then decide for yourself

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Look at using a Pi4 4gb for a Storj HDD node.
I love mine

I was hoping someone would bring this up again I could not find where it was mentioned before. Looks pretty interesting.

is there any details on how to set this up on a pi, I have one running 24/7 with 1TB of storage attached

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I cant find anything about exact pay or value for a token but this article says that they were paying in Ethereum. However, I also noticed it stated that 33k out of the 48k payments were for under $1. seems odd to me.

Also, I was fascinated by the Raspberry IV and couldn’t really find much on if its worth it, but the first model was running at a major loss for mining.

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The system work with end user clients called uplinks, satellites that disperse the work, and storage nodes that hold the work.
Currently there are six satellites around the world. Each satelite pays out independently to nodes that did work for it in the past month. So each month I get six storj token deposits into my eth wallet (per node, I have 2).
I am located in the USA, speed and latency to the satellites matters as it is a race to download the work the fastest so the Asian satellites pay me the least as I usually lose the race to those in Europe… So yes some payments are less than a $1 but I have also gotten many high payments


Regarding the Pi setup… search for the arm docker instructions.

Basically, I installed the headless version of Raspbian, installed docker, then drafted my docker run command that pulls the arm version from github.
There are other steps I left out like identity creation and cert but you do that for all nodes…

on raspberry now possible and mining eth or other crypto as it was found way how to connect gpu riser to use external gpu

I only have the old pi 2b plus, looks like I would need to buy the newer version of the pi

watch some videos guys. The rasperries do mine and can make a profit but its really all about the mining attachment. The highest ive seen one of these make is $ .22 per 24/hr. of course the rig that was attached cost $650+. Trust me when I tell you, if they were big money makers they would be hard to find. And even the pi4 is pretty damn cheap.

Are you talking about attaching the Pi to an Atom Miner, PT?

I know that there are boards made to create Pi clusters. Basically, a small server. I’m really interested to see if a cluster could mine successfully. I have a Raspberry Pi 3B+ that I’m currently planning to make into a bridge device for the COIN app. But, I may re-purpose it to mine with an Atom Miner.

well, actually you attach the miner to the PI. The examples ive seen show only about 3W of power used in 24hr and mined .25 in that time period. The Pi itself really doesn’t mine more than a couple pennies. its a nice novelty but that’s about It. doesn’t the Atom Miner run about $650? Someone mentioned being able to attach a gpu via riser/usb but only heard.

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Yes. The Atom Miner AM01 FPGA sells for $650. You can run MANY of these devices off of a single computer; but, I think it’s far fewer when using a Raspberry Pi device. Red Panda Mining recently did a video on the Atom Miner, and his follow-up video showed that, after expenses (electricity, tax, etc), he was managing like 0.07 profit per day. If you spent $700 total for a Pi and and Atom Miner, it would take 10,000 days to break even. That’s 27.4 years.

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Well, if you are in it for the long haul. :open_mouth:

if I remember correctly his video showed it mined several coins of which I had never even heard of. I think they were starter coins worth sub .01 each. I guess if one was do it speculation wise, they might get lucky. Anything over a 20 month payoff is just too costly for me.


could you please share how to set it up? I have a Pi4 doing nothing, may sa well put it to good use. Cheers and thank you

Here is a site for Rasp Pi miner.


He will sell you a kit with all the hardware or you can just buy the Micro Miner OS Image for like $8. I have not tried the OS yet on one of my PIs as I am still setting up my new office and about to build my first GPU mining rig.

Hope this helps the conversation.

not worst rpi use for mining. batter idea to use my rpi4. just finish build smart home controller with some stats,control and notification