Ravencoin Died? LOL

All of the sudden I cannot get my rig to mine Ravencoin anymore. I tested it on other coins and it still mines Beam but not Ravencoin. Anyone else having issues like this? This is my NVIDIA rig 4 gb cards a 970 and a 1050 ti.

Raven changed algos to KawPOW

lol I know I was mining it for a week now it just stopped working last night they didnt change algo last night

What are you seeing when you try to mine? That would probably be a good place to start in trying to figure out the issue :slight_smile:

sorry normally I do but my snip and sketch wasn’t working right for some reason. I got it now here it is

I tried switching miners and pools as soon as I switched to Beam from Ravencoin I was able to mine