Ready to get it done

Greetings I have 10k maximum to spend on an ASIC MINER, please send advice on which to get and what crypto. I am leaning towards Bitcoin for my first miner. Open to all suggestions !

Also… I understand ETH 2.0 is close to dropping or already has. Will I be able to mine ETH? And if so for how long ??

You should do some good research before dropping 10k or you’re going to be in trouble. If you’re thinking about eth, you should know if 2.0 is here or not and if you can mine it right now. There are a lot of scammers and people selling non profitable miners all over the place. I understand you’re asking questions which is good, but slow down a little bit and don’t fomo into something. Check out for some stats on some miners to get an idea of profits and electric usage.


Amazing information thank you, I will heed your advice. Looking at Bitmain website at the L7 projected profits are nice. I’m meditating on getting a Bitcoin miner or Litecoin miner, Litecoin seems to be easier for ASIC to solve and accumulate.