Really profitable mining solutions

Hello Every one,

I am new to mining and trying to figure out what is really profitable ore not. There are so many options my mind is blowing up.

I am very sick because of an accident and lost half of my income. It,s really hard to get by and i need some passive income. Can anyone please advice what my best option would be ? I can,t buy a asic miner for 20.000$

A bobcat is within my range ore a 519 $ doge miner (shellbox mini), but don,t know if they work, maybe there are more options.

Please give me some good advice ?

Im kind of new too. Just waiting for the electrician to wire things up (dedicated circuits. Dont want trips to damage the chips on the boards!). Month and a half wait, sheesh. It seems like Goldshell (but stay away from LB box) or L3’s are best for those with lower startup budgets (like myself). I use to make my decisions (but keep in mind it seems like the reported profit values are usually on the low side). Hope this helps!


It is helpfull, scrapping the LB box as of today.