Reboot your Icerivers People!

Hey everyone! So I learned something I think might help a few people on the site out and I thought I would share. So I know a lot of you are mining with Icerivers. I took the plunge and bought a couple a few months ago and sent them to the farm. My site uses a hosting program called foreman, and my particular site doesn’t have too many KS3M’s but I think there is like 6 total or something like that. Anyway periodically, like once a month, the miner would have a hissy fit and would have the temperature jumping all over the place in the higher ranges and would require a hard reset. Oddly enough when this happened the machine seemed to go beastmode and hash at double the level it is supposed to. Well the one that ended up going out got to a point in Foreman where it wouldn’t let me reboot it and essentially like shut off and wouldn’t restart. It’s under warranty and getting fixed right now but it caused me to do a bit of research. Foreman actually posted about it like 5 months ago, and they say it’s a good idea to reboot it like once a day,(honestly I think that’s a bit excessive, I have been doing every few days. They said that most Icerivers if ran too long without reboot will essentially lock you out of the UI and it requires a hard reboot. I have started to reboot mine every few days with amazing results. I thought if I can share with you guys what I have learned I can save at least a few of you from a headache. Here is the article if you want to go read it.
Also, even if you are mining solo at home and not using foreman Id probably implement this into what you do at home too. It doesn’t seem to be foreman related, I think they were just the first to notice.

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I have the ks3m and a lot of problems went away after repasting the hash boards. When you get your miner back home I would recommend repasting.

Shoot man I dont even know how to do this. How difficult is it to do this? How much time did it take you? Its going straight back to the mining site so maybe I can pay them a little extra to do this if it isnt too difficult. :confused: I appreciate it. Does it help with the thermoregulation? I know the KS3M’s are a little tempermental.

Easy, just a bit tedious and obviously be careful not to bump any micro-components on the hashboards. Clean with iso alcohol then repaste all 56 chips. Roughly takes about 30-45 minutes/miner and being generous with the paste won’t hurt it. IceRiver only applies minimal thermal paste or can be already worn out. You will notice a significant decrease in chip temps on most miners.

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