Rebuilding Ukraine with crypto

I wonder if it is possible for a national digital crypto currency to be structured to help raise funds and income fore rebuilding Ukraine. Any ideas?

Personally, I would say bitcoin or one of the big coins is a better bet for rebuilding than a national digital currency. A national currency has the same problem that fiat does, in that it is controlled by a government and is still subject to the same issues a fiat currency has like inflation, and its value is based solely on the government issuing it…Whereas something like bitcoin is global, and therefore has the stability of being global, and will not be affected anywhere near as much by what is happening in one country, as a national currency would be.

What if they created a minable stable coin backed by a resource they had like silver. And had it so that masternode could be run and invested in by institutions and the rich and miners could only be Ukrainians citizens with asics provided by the state? Thus creating an income for the average Ukrainian that is backed by silver coins minted by the Ukrainian mint? I am a crypto novice. I am just thinking out load. Appreciate any input. Ukraine is a pro crypto country that wanted to be the biggest crypto miner economy in the world before the war. Probably would need a new algorithm for the asic

That is an interesting concept. As far as I know, there is no coin that is backed by a hard commodity like gold or silver, so far it seems that “hard commodities” are more in the realm of an NFT. The problem I still see is that as long as there is centralized control of the coin, there can be inflation. Here in the U.S., our government is adding more money to the circulation anytime they want to spend more money…So if they need 6 trillion dollars for a new toilet, they just print 6 trillion more dollars, the problem with that is that it makes all of our money less valuable because now there are more dollars in circulation. That could also be done with a government-backed stable coin. As soon as they want more money, they would just issue more coins. It may start off being pegged to the value of silver, but like every other government, once they want more money, they leave whatever standard they once held to, for us it was the gold standard, and just say our money now has value because we say it does. This is the problem I see with all of the government-issued digital coins, is that they are not true crypto because they are not decentralized, they are just a digital version of what we already have with all of the same problems.

Point taken. Thanks for the input