RebuMiner - Has anyone ordered one yet?

So I found this website a few weeks ago and I have not heard from anyone, anywhere about what they think of these miners. (UPDATE: THIS IS A SCAM SITE)

From what I can tell, they obliterate anything the competition has produced in terms of hash power and very low power consumption. They almost seem to good to be true, but from looking at their Twitter and Reddit, it appears they have set up some wild crypto mining farms recently, as well as have set up repair shops for their miners in both the USA and Canada.

Anyhow, I want to buy a few. I just emailed them to request details on the noise output decibel level for each miner. It will be interesting to see how they reply.

Came here trying to look up info on Rebuminer. Specs seem great and prices great too. It’s hard to find information on them. Their reddit posts are locked. Can’t comment on their twitter posts either. So I’m being cautious at the moment as it is a high ticket purchase.

Did you receive a reply from them? Do you think this company and these miners are legit?

for me it looks to good to be true 2 years warranty?

Made account just to share. I’m about 98% certain this is a scam. I bought one 10 days ago and they’ve gone dark and my order page has been deleted. I followed the USDC address I paid to and saw it bounce my money around until it sold off on Binance.

There’s a lot of recent websites touting how they’re new and fast and whatever, but I wouldn’t risk it if I were you.

I am pretty sure this is a scam now as well. I wish i had come here first to look.

They replied pretty quickly on customer service pre-sale, but I don’t expect to hear anything- so if I don’t i’ll be posting the same on youtube and reddit so other people know.

mostly appear to be legit, its really too good to be true tho.

That sucks, yes it seems like a very sophisticated scam.

After doing some digging it’s most definitely a scam. One of the most sophisticated ones I’ve seen. They have videos and pictures with warehouse full of miners. Guy in branded shirt talking on video. Many different anonymous social media accounts that act like they’ve bought and received the miners. On the website it looks like they are an active registered limited UK company.

They actually used to call themselves revuminer and then re-branded to rebuminer. Total scam. Stay away!

Yeah they replied to me a few times. However, when I asked them a question about mining Bitcoin Cash I received a response from someone who I don’t think had a clue about mining. So I don’t know. The reddit posts are locked and I can’t find anyone who has bought one of these miners. So I am going to tread with great caution and not pursue this any further until I see others talking about these miners.

Ah thank you good sir. Yes, I figured they were too good to be true! a 500 watt 140 TH/s BTC miner would be next generation technology xD