Recommend a GPU

Hello, I have a pc I built a few years back. What is a decent GPU to buy to mine with what I have for now? Is this ASUS motherboard I already have usable? (I haven’t been into building computers in quite a few years). Here is a link to the motherboard I have for now. Looking at 1 or maybe 2 1660 supers are my thoughts for now.


It also has a I5-4690k and a 750 watt power supply. I know Eth mining is going away soon and the Nvidia 40 series cards come out at some point so older equipment might go way lower in price. Was looking at the Nvidia 3070 GPU’s on best buy but doesn’t look like it will run on this board it’s just to old. Thanks in advance for any advise :grinning:

Looking at this 1660 Super from newegg. Will be $209 shipped after $30 rebate. The crap video card in it now looks like I could be worth around $100 on ebay so would be in 1 GPU for around $100. Seems like a no brainer