Recommendation for mining laptop?

I need a new laptop and want to buy one that I can mine on too. I know it will be a gaming laptop. Any recommendations on brands and models? I have been a Lenovo and Dell buyer in the past.

Hey which laptop did you decide to go with?? In the same scenario right now.

If you want a laptop that can also mine, get one with a Nvidia RTX 3090 Gpu in it. Or any 3000 series gpu, but the 3090 is the most powerful.

Thank you so much !!! anything else it should have

A powerful cpu, if you plan on dabbling in things like raptoreum or monero. But I don’t think it’s really worth dropping that kind of money on a top end cpu. But a maxed computer is always good fun to have.

Thanks Aaron! any idea where to grab a raptoreum or monero?

Only ever heard they are cpu minable coins, outside of that I can’t really help you.

ohhh My bad… lol Can ya tell i’m a newb. I thought that was the name of the cpus. lol. my bad

I’m going to get a NVIDIA 3090 one to monitor things and gaming