Recommendations for Mac/Linux and cloud server

I have 3 MacPro towers with 16, 24, 32 GB RAM and XEON processors with at least 24 core each. Two use stock NVIDIA cards; one has Radeon HD 5870 all with max firmware. They all Linux CM as well. I also have several Linux laptop and PF towers, two AntMiner S9s, about a dozen USB Bit Erupters; and an unused butterflyLabs Jalapeño UsB (which I’m sketch about given BFL history). I also have 4core 8gb VPS on dedicated machine (unshared) and root access and multiple static IP addresses at my disposal. I’ve been kicking around the idea of using my crypto accounts for stacking / hosting nodes; but between minimal returns on ASICs or GPU mining with current hardware am curious if it’s even worth trying to mine on hardware or should just stick to cpu mining altcoins and swapping them. I won’t use Microsoft products for any reason so please limit any suggestions to Mac/Linux or Cloud server options preferably focused on Ethereum based crypto. Not sure if BTC is worth it at my low level of experience and processing power. Thank you in advance. I love what you’re doing for crypto and DeFi community!