Recommendations for new miner

I now have a goal of eventually working full time at home mining.
I have $2500 max to begin.
Can anyone help me get off to a good start with the most profitable equipment that can be used to grow this business?
For clarification I am not looking for a handout, I am looking for solid info FOR SOMEONE JUST STARTING OUT. I have a helium miner on order already and need to get going ASAP

P. S. I will be getting ordering equipment in the next week
Much thanks to Voskcoin for being the mentor needed to make this decision

I have a HNT milesight for sale … ships immediately and you can be leaning HNT alot faster than waiting on Bobcat and RAK.

Thanks I haven’t heard of this miner. I am doing research as I type

Yes I found that video. Have you or anyone you know have any data on mining with this. All that is available is unboxing and setup videos.


I would definitely be interested to seeing what people have to say about this as well. I am in the same position with the same budget. Bought a sensecap and have had it for about 6 months now, looking for something i can add to my farm

Chip, tell us more about your situation. House or apartment, how big of a lot, garage, etc. also if you are serious, where can you cut back and what can you sell to increase your budget? For example- are you driving a 30k car that you could sell and buy a 10k old 4Runner to chip in 20k etc.

Also- any aunts, uncles, siblings , etc that are into crypto or having fomo?

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bad thing about ‘testing’ is once you setup a wallet and register it on the HNT network, it is hard to sell used.

I have already had a situation where I put 2 BobCats on the same IP address. It worked great for about 3 weeks and finally the HNT network caught it. They black IP transmit rated one of my Bobcat to .1 rate. so I took my exwife old phone and I made a wallet on it, I made it look like I sold the Bobcat to that wallet. then I did move the bobcat to my exwife house and it recovered back to 1.0 transmit rate. Its still not making as much HNT per week as my RAK, but it is close. I hit about $100 a week on the 2 miners.

So I bought this MileSight off ebay last week and I planned to replace the RAK since my RAK was one of the flat line OTA updates 2 weeks ago. After reading the instructions I decided I better not mess with setting up this MileSight and offer it for sale. If no one wants it, I will use it in mid January.

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Miner388 thank you for taking the time to respond.
I am not a tech guy…yet!
The consensus seems to be it is a well built machine that is not easy to set up, and I can’t find any info on anyone who is using it to mine, so I need to pass on this one for now

P. S. I have been living bare bones for a long time so there is no fat in my spending… That is how I have the little bit I have to invest