Recommended Breaker Panel for 50 L7s

Hello all,

So some friends and I are trying to build out a shipping container for our crypto farm and in doing so we have hit a roadblock with the breaker panel. Does anyone have a recommendation for a breaker panel or an electrical guide for a system that can handle 48 to 50 antminer L7s at 3425W each?

Wow! This is a big operation. There are some individuals with vast knowledge in electric stuff, so I’m sure someone will chime in. Anyway, congrats!

If my math is correct, you need a 3 phase 800amp 240v service.

Wish I was as smart as Adam lol thank God we have people in here like him!

You might be little off if my math is wrong but it’s like 450amps for 3 phase 220 but truthfully I might be off on my math

But what I would think his biggest problem going to be is getting the electrical company to upgrade the transformers and the wire I’m one a year plus waiting list to get a 600 amp pannel and Tuscon excuse is low supply of parts and transformer

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800*240√3= 332,553
80%= 266,043

I said 800 so he would have room to grow and plenty left over for everything else that takes power.

I think that math is correct, but I could be wrong.


Spot on Adam!! With about 395 amps to spare. Plenty of room to grow. Nice work!!

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