Recommended LTC Pool

I just received my Mini doge miner and really happy to start my mining journey
Wish I got in much sooner but finally pulled the trigger and on my way.

Anyway just wondering which pool is the best for this miner and to use as a pool, currently configured to f2pool but just noticed their fees seem a bit high and the schedule or threshold seems higher than others.

A good bit of people seem to like litecoin pool, I use f2pool also just because I have miners on different algorithms and I can have them all in one place.

Litecoinpool will only earn you Litecoin. No Doge, which you can then buy.

I use prohashing for all my mining, they are one of the best in my opinion…They auto switch your miner to whatever the most profitable coin is at the moment, and then payout in whatever coin you want…So you can mine the scrypt algo, and get paid in BTC or LTC or ETH, or most anything you want at whatever percentage you want…let me know if you want a referral code.

I switched my Mini-DOGE from F2Pool to litecoinpool, is true I only get Łitecoin vs merge mining Łitecoin & Ɖogecoin.

However, I feel that I get a more consistent daily payout vs F2Pool’s 6 days payout, and only have to worry about one coin.

Plus I’ve been getting Ł 0.01 LTC/day every day, sometimes Ł 0.02 LTC/day :sunglasses: