Recycle laptop or try to sell Asic chip?

Hi, VoskCoinTalk community!

I’m learning about the crypto world each day and mining has been a topic I’ve been delving into.

While I don’t have the financials to invest in mining yet, I would like to save up to do this. One of the ways I was thinking was to sell my old laptop equipment, but I’m not sure if that’s a viable option because the computers themselves don’t work.

Do people buy broken computers for the ASIC chips? Does that have any value or should I just recycle the laptops that I do have and look for other ways to save up?

Thanks in advance for the wisdom and guidance!


assuming that they are older junk laptops, and as you said they dont work. if it was me i would try to sell for scrap or recycle if you cant sell after a short time. but no one buys old laptops for asics, at least not retail junk, maybe large recycling companies.

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Just sell off parts is what I would personally be doing from what your telling us here


Thanks @y2kanonomous!

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Thanks @PirateSeulb!