Regarding AliBaba

Hi I’m about too start my first mining Rig, Budget is 15k, i bought 5 Ant miners l3++ from Doris from, Dcloud company, yet too receive them so im getting stomachaches from reading all those ali baba horror stories online,
if anyone has a reliable suppliers from ali baba who can vouch for them please let me know,

I’m considering a KD5 but its a new device and its risky and i don’t know if the KDA coin will survive a bear market if we happen too get one in q1-q2 2022, if anyone experienced and can guide me i will be thankful thanks vosk community.

Hi, I have bought a number of miners from Shenzhen Apexto Electric Co off of Alibaba this Summer and every miner has arrived, I was nervous with the first order, started with a few KD boxes. once they arrived I felt better, received 4 more KD boxes, 1 LT5 Pro, and a few Doge Mini Miners. Sometimes you can get a better price by just asking if you think it’s overpriced. Now my contact will send updated pricing and what’s available each week. They sent a short video once they have the product your buying to test and show you everything working before they send miner. I’ve also been able to buy miners direct from Goldshell and everything goes smooth with them, they have been great to deal with.

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The miners from Apexto come in good condition?

@KingMG Are they flagged as a verified supplier? Also don’t forget Alibaba has announced its suspending sales of mining hardware starting tomorrow.

Second, I’m personally very confident in the team behind Kadena, they are ran by a team out of J.P. Morgan Chase with a good financial background, the blockchain is designed around enterprise use and not consumer use. Etoro is actually built on that blockchain for an example. They have an official youtube channel as well, you can also reach out to them personally.

you can get a hold of me here too if you want.

Alot of marked as Verified Supplier and Trade Assurance

dont order from this company got scammed for 5 Hashboards getting them fixed rn, some wont be fixed but their quality is very poor and they will take your money

I’ve been working with Apexto since June and can highly recommend them. Of course, if you purchase “used” it’s a gamble regardless of the seller, but their support is amazing and every “new” miner I’ve purchased was delivered as expected.

I’m reassured to hear that on Apexto as I ordered a L7 for Dec delivery and will confess to being a little nervous over the process. I asked for a price, did a bank transfer to 80% of the value to a Hong Kong bank back in September and transferred the remainder at the end of October so I am looking forward to it arriving. In all fairness the communication has been excellent and the sales lady has been very helpful and her English is very good.