Beware Of this Company (Ningbo Dcloud Information Technology)

I bought 5 L3++ From Doris, my experience was horrible, at first i received the Miners With Very Bad Power Supply’s They were So dirty it Literally had dead bugs inside the Fan’s So i contacted Them and said how unacceptable was this, and I told them 4 out of the 5 PSU was not working, so they decide too send me 4 new one’s and I offered too pay extra for a new one, so i have a new PSU with the 5th Device, after 1 week, I received my PSU’s I Try them on 3 Out of 5 L3++ Were Working fine, i noticed some problems with 2 devices , after talking too them, and contacting A Technician I Found out only 3/8 hashboards of the 2 devices were working Properly, so i applied for a refund and return the devices, sadly enough i couldn’t win the case they will argue you Plugged them wrong, Or sabotaged them, I tried everything in my power too show them i received them Like this, but nothing works ali baba will take the Seller’s side so please trust me, Don’t ever deal with them, if you have an upcoming order cancel it, my experience was very bad i basically Got rugged for 2k+ because of those devices, to make the Point Clear My purchase was Refurbished Devices, as a first time buyer I learnt a valuable lesson so please don’t get hit as me and avoid them at all costs