Remote Access to ASIC rigs

Has anyone had any experience with having a farm on a remote place? Anyone used by any chance and if so what’s your experience like? How far are you away from the farm.

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I do remote access for my hardware, its not the best system but I bought $200 basic hp business computer hooked up to the same wifi as my Asics. I then use TeamViewer to remote login to that computer and control my operation. However this access only gives you the ability to troubleshoot, most of the time someone needs to physically show up to fix some issues, fan failure for example. Sometimes it’s solved by a quick reboot.

I’m about 30 minute drive from my farm. There are other more advanced, and expensive, solutions out there, but this works for me.

We also use Miner Stat for our hosting facility, some things we do not like is that you cannot control the machine, reboot, sleep mode does not work with Miner Stat, it only shows hashrate, power consumption, heat, etc. We will probably end up building a custom solution.

We use Miner Stat for new machines, S19, because of limited 3rd party firmware.

What do you mean by third party firmware? Is there a security risk?

New models like S19 do not have good 3rd party support yet, brains OS, msk, etc.

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Is there any Asic miner monitor software that works on Apple MacBook? I have D7s and need to monitor them , thanks

Why did you choose minerstat over hive eastcost?

I second team viewer. Its free and you can view the machines ip address page, read logs and reboot.

I have 2 small locations and its a huge time saver.