Replacement l3++ fan runs full blast

I received a replacement fan from seller that was damaged during shipping. Put new one on. Looks identical to old fan. It works but will only run full blast. Fan on other side adjusts rpm like it always has. Tried rebooting and unplugging. Running awesome miner firmware. Anybody have suggestions?

Think I fixed my own problem. There was a small section of electric tape around wires on new fan. Pulled it off and found the blue wire out of four wires was cleanly cut and tape put over all four. Maybe they wanted fans full blast at whatever farm it was at before? Thought it was interesting. Running fine now when stripped and put back together. In case anyone runs it to that again.

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I have been wanting a L3++ … where did you buy yours?

i sold a few … we get them once in a while also

Got a couple from Newegg. Just ordered a couple from a seller on alibaba. Newegg worked good. We will see how the goes. I still don’t know if the l3++ is any better than the l3+. Rated for higher hash rate but all components seem the same. Some say it’s just a factory overclocked l3+. For a few extra bucks thought it would be worth a shot. Working good so far.

its not a reall diff

ones and l3+ and other ++
bottom one was the L3+

BUT for some reason . it seems chips are higher quality. l3++ seems able to easily do 700+ depending