Reputable source to order miners

Hi, I seldom post. Last time was the long thread about a company that scammed me and others on KD6 orders. I’ve recently used and to order xp134s. They had great pricing, best price I could find. And they had to suffer through my thousand questions because of my prior bad experience. The miners came into my host Adam Moyer and he said they certainly looked brand new and are hashing great. I am now ordering more of those or the 141s. I told them if the order worked I would recommend them here. But of course I recommend you do your due deligence. They have worked for me and we have visited on the phone and other multiple times. Good luck hashing!

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This was supposed to have been posted in the first post.

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RigList is legit. Make sure to check out Badgerland Home Crypto Mining’s listing :slight_smile:


Just a follow up….I have now ordered 3 xp141s from these guys.

What you end up paying for each?