Reputable Websites to buy Miners

New to the space, and looking at purchasing my first miner! Just wondering if anyone has bought a miner from, and if they are reputable. I found the site from ‘trusted vendors’ on, but have no idea if I can trust it or not. Also, are the ‘trusted vendors’ listed on actually to be trusted? Thanks in advance for helping me out!


I’ve used AKminer from that site and so far so good. Also look up Charlie Lin on YouTube. He’s small but great prices. Confirmed with my KDbox that’s arriving tomorrow. If you talk to Charlie tell him Al sent you


I was just looking at bt miners they are selling kd6 in July batch for a very reasonable price, but then what about the customs when it gets to the Uk will we be expected to pay 8k on top? Lol

I’ll definitely check him out and give you the shoutout!

I’ve had good luck with Desert Valley Asics. Good prices and great customer service.

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you can trust me! many people have ordered asics from me in the forum! Telegram: Contact @apextoasics

Earl co on fb is solid

Thank you brother for vouching for me. I am very new to Voskcointalk, will explore more in the future.

Choose a reliable reseller is important