Riftminers.com Are they legit/Safe or just another scam

Hi all…G’day from Australia.
I’m very interested in starting out my journey into crypto data mining and have researched a lot of companies, but one I’m finding no info on is riftminers.com
Has anyone here had any experience with them and willing to share that experience?
Hoping someone here can help me out

Where did you find out about them. i found out about them a while back and haven’t been able to find much info on them.

they’re probably just another scam

Yes i agree, but im curious where he found out about them because ive scowered the internet for anything about them and ive only found one mention of them. just so happens the one person mentioning it happens to be the username that mentioned them to me as well. so if kokobrowny names the same person as well, i would think that would be the actual scammer.

The web is filled with scammers on ASIC miners. I know its sounds like bad advice but stick to Ebay and Amazon. They both have solid customer protections.

The fake websites look very convincing and they respond to emails in a professional manner but will steal your money. The worst is shop.bitmain which is the same except reverse of the real site.

They are definitely a scam. anyone know any venues to ATTEMPT to recover lost funds? asking for a friend lol