Riser with sata power

I know that its generally best to not use SATA at all but at the moment that’s all i have. I have it set up with the SATA to 6-pin adapters that came with my risers and am running one riser per line from PSU.
i have been checking every hour or so and have noticed that one wire i assume the 12v line is getting warm. not hot or anything mind you i can hold it against the back of my arm with no pain. just wondering how long i could run it like that? the cards are 1660 supers and i was also wondering if anyone knows how much they draw from the pcie slot.

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You might see me coming from a mile away, but yes, try and get the appropriate cable for the riser, cables don’t really run hot/warm normally. If i were you, id go and buy a cable that is known to be in working order on facebook marketplace or ebay. As a firefighter, fire hazards are no jokes, and often fire start out as a " maaaah i can wait for a couple more days" and the next thing you know is that you lost all your stuff to a house fire.

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Just a quick note: you can get 6 brand new riser kits on EBAY for about 10.00 and these have the three options for powering.


Here are the specs for the typical 1660 Super with one 8 pin power connector

Also, the 8 pin connector from the power supply is rated at 150 watts which is higher than the 125 watt draw of the GPU. Since the specification based on temperature rise, you should not be feeling any heat from the 6 pin connector on the riser card with a good card and cable. Don’t take chances, use a different cable and riser, checking for heat. I know, I’ve burned up a few receptacles and could have had a fire.

i notice if in bios selected pci video one riser get little bit warm sata cable. in claymore showing all wattage of gpu same plus minus 1, same msiafterburner. so i connect my rc fpv plane power metter on riser and i was surprised use 26watt from satta cable i check other riers it was just couple watt ±1,2 watt different from all 5. i sertch in other forums and i found if gpu are undervoltage like my use 86watt whan i plug hdmi to gpu extra power taking from risers, also i talk with mobo manufacture whey say extra molex plugs need only if use not powered risers or if mobo not recognized more of 8x gpu like example 12gpu or some of gpu showing not properly readings of temperature and fan speed. last example it was on my second 12 gpu rig lass 3 gpu showing all time 35c and 0% fan speed

What is the safest way to power a 6-GPU RX 5700 rig with an EVGA 1600 T2? My risers have 6-pin and molex connections. After powering the GPUs, hard drive and fans, I have three available 8-pin and three 6-pin SATA/Peripheral connections left open on the PSU. One option is to power three risers with periph cables using the molex connector and three risers with three 8-pin VGA cables using the 6-pin connector on the riser. Another option is to use three 8-pin x dual 6+2-pin VGA cables and power 2 risers with each cable using the 6-pin connector on the riser.

They are currently powered with the 6-pin x SATA adapters that come with the risers. They have been running fine for 8 or 9 months and aren’t warm but your photo made me paranoid. All my GPUs are capped at 130W in the bios.

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Dual 8-pin connectors on 6 GPU’s use up your Pcie connectors fast.

Consider using 3 six-pin Peripheral jacks on the power supply with 3 12volt six-pin (Bumble Bee) splitters to power the risers.

Use six 8-pin x dual 6+2-pin VGA cables (buy 8-pin to 8-pin splitters if your 8-pin cables are single 8-pin on the GPU end) to power the six GPU’s.

Many Risers also allow SATA or MOLEX power connectors in addition to the six pin peripheral power (the best).

Do not use two of these power supplies on the same circuit. Uh Uh, No way…Danger Danger…

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the problem is the sata to 6-pin adapter. it seems the gpus draw slightly more from the risers then the 20 awg wire feeding them can take without getting slightly warm. im getting a server PSU with multiple 6-pin connectors but in the mean time though…

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basically most psu have dual power end for gpu like 8+8 of 8 +6+2 so you can use spare 6 plug to power your rise from same pcie wire will be 8pin for gpu 6pin for riser or 8 gpu 8+ adapter 8 to 6 no more problem i have power up 4x rx580 on 750psu like his. olso is depend of gpu some gpu draw around 10-20watt in his case can be use 3x sata per wire no hot wires

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also if you understand electronic you can remove sata/molex wires and rewiring new ones with 6pin pcie with single plug etch wire i see in some forums ig was done. i have spare 700watt psu i will try be my shelf soon any way extra plug i cramping be my shelf

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i dont have any spare 6 pins sadly. they are all feeding gpus. its a bad psu for mining to be honest. 700 watt thermal take not modular. only has 2 6+2 connectors and im using a splitter to get 3 cards on it. as soon as i can afford it i have a new PSU in mind that will solve these issues. its a very rag tag set up at the moment lol.

can you link me to a post on that rewiring idea. i had thought about doing that but didnt know if molex lines could be converted to 6+2s like that\

i usensame not modular psu but it have 5x sata 3x molex and 4x pcie wire with double end 8+8 and on rx580 need plug just 8pin so extra 8 + adapter to 6 power up raser wires is cold

is not converting it was open psu desolder all sata/molex wires and solder new on power riser

ahh i understand. im getting a server PSU in the near future anyway. ill likly just run it as is for now. its been like it for a month and has yet to blow up it should last another couple weeks lol

if i found forum again i post :grin: it was great idea as any way second psu need just sata or pci and 24pin else is not use it just messy unused wires

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make shure per 1x wire use just 2x sata plugs wires shut be just little bit warm or cold second my rig power 3x rx580 per wire 2x sata wires are just little bit warm rig runing 3month without any problem. btw rig are used previous owner runing 1.5year different between previous owner and me im just removed ssd as im use usb sticks

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