ROG STRIX R9 390X 8Gb 512bit

Hey there!

What do you think about this GPU?
ROG STRIX R9 390X 8Gb 512bit

Is it worth to mine with?
I mean I don’t know if I can belive for nicehash profitability calculator:

If memory serves me right, that takes 2 x 8 pin. So might be a little power hungry, but with the right set up should still mine

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Thank you for your fast reply!
Yes, 2x8pin, but overall I hope it can do some profitable mining.
I mean I see people who use radeon, only mining with RX 480-570-580 8GB and 5600-5700xt-s.
But maybe it is just because the R9 390 is power hungry. :slight_smile:

And about BIOS modding.
I heard that it can not produce 31MH/s on windows, only under Linux.
But are we able to overclock this GPU with MSI afterburner?
I think that was the main problem.

(You can switch to ENG in the top right corner)

So I tested the GPU and it only produces 15MH/s. People say it can do 30MH/s on Linux, but I’ve never tried it and honestly I am a little bit afraid of Linux. Never tried it before.


If anyone who lost in the forum and will find my topic (and insane enough to mine with R9 390):

On windows the maximal hashrate was 16.4 MH/s,
then I put into my HiveOS rig and without any boost,it produced 30 MH/s
(some modification will be needed tho because it reached 83 Celsius, but it is still great)