ROI on an S19 Pro in 8 months?

ROI in 8 months including utility cost? That’s pretty amazing. And I can just put it a on credit card instead of draining my assets. Thoughts?

That’s great except, that’s with one cent per kw rate.

Next mon/Tues I am expecting a Xilinx control board for my S19 J pro and using LuxOS you are supposed to be able to achieve 96TH at 2400 watts and from memory a YouTuber I watch said his was 2100 watts (just from memory) and you can OC it higher, I will post results when I get it

The link you posted on my screen says $1695, I’m not sure if that’s USD but if it’s USD then it’s not cheap or a bargain IMO, you can get better + an OC control board for cheaper then that.


It’s cheap when you don’t have the crypto or initial funds. You know how hard it is to find a fair priced ASIC that you can purchase with a credit card? Very hard!


Hope that works out for you! 8 months is a pretty good ROI for an actual bitcoin miner lol

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So apparently there was a glitch when I looked up this miner on

Yeah, this miner isn’t really worth it :sweat_smile:


You can’t trust that site. Earlier today it was showing me that some ASICS were making around 2800 per day. Now I mainly use


Good to know. I’ll have to bookmark that one.

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