Rookie on Step one

Hey all, before I went and spent any cash on the big rigs i went and bought on of the Antminer R1 LTC mini wall routers. Didnt and dont expect to make any money off of it but bought it to give myself some experience on the interface and working with a mining pool.

Everything went good until 30 minutes after it was running on my antminer display it kept discarding everything, still says alive for status on antminer but on pools it says inactive. I took the router off reset it, let it sit and cool down. Wasnt super hot but read thats what it could be. Rebooted everything still getting everything discarded. Running the rate hash rate its supposed to. Reading reviews most people let these things run for ever. If theres any advice or roads to venture down that would be awesome!

Hey Welcome wish I could help you.

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