Rpi4 4gb monero miner

hello everyone. couple days i play with rpi4 to manage run randomX. it was a lot fun :smiley: but finally i manage to run it first 100 shares accepted. working very well and stable. working with almost all monero pools. some pools need change auto coin to xmr. need to make some more work to able run pools where coin must be adjusted manually

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and fully mining on nicehash

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Very interesting, how did you do it?

i manage run randomx on raspberry buster os. now just need overlooking and push to maximum h/s

i check also nicehash and results really not bad 1x rpi in year make around 100eur at 70h/s

now im curious how much watt it use for mining i will go to test it right now :smiley:

70.2h/s @ 2.9watt very low wattage

I kept seeing how the ARM processors are a great way to mine Monero. I gave it a try on my Raspberry Pi 4. Getting a decent hash rate for such a little computer.

i get 71h/s with 2a power supply

i just waiting till apple realizing new mac on arm

I am using a 3.5A power supply on my Raspberry Pi 4 4g model.

This is the case and power supply I am using. It has passive and active cooling in the case.

im use rpi4 for smart home . i got spare rpi4 without power supply so i dont have what to do till my little girl sleep. i take spare rpi4 power up with samsung 2a power supply and play on monero mining:D

I am surprised that you can even get the rpi4 to boot with a samsung 2a power supply. I thought the rpi4 needed at least 3a power supply.

you joke :smiley: rpi you can boot even with 1a

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3a are recommended not required if you overclocking you need more of 3a

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The RPI 1,2 & 3 can boot with the lower power supply. But the newest Raspberry Pi 4 requires a stronger power supply.

And I guess I am wrong. A 2.5A power supply can be used if it is just the board.

yes it can :wink: i have rpi4 4gb it boot and work with iphone 1a power supply

recommended 3a because you use usb ports like mouse keyboard usb stick and it draw watts for his reason not enough 1a rpi it shelf run and with 1a without external devices

time to time i connect rpi4 on laptop usb and it still boot and work. also depends what you do with rpi use like normal pc use programs or use for scrips, like mining clustering for his you dont need monitor keyboard or mouse you can do vea ssh.most stuff i do is for commands vea ssh and it not need 3a if you dont use keyboard mouse monitor and usb sticks or external hard drives

im try right now create miner on buster little where actually no desktop just boot as server in command shell remotely login to rpi vea ssh. need to wait couple min if it not fail create it will works without boot to desktop

and result it not fail 100% running on buster little version without actually boot to desktop
rpi4 powered up from laptop usb2.0 port