Rtx 3000 series cards running pcie 3.0 or pcie 4.0

My son and I are starting a new rig build. Any issues with running rtx 3060 ti, rtx 3070, rtx 3080 or rtx 3090. Running on pcie 3.0 motherboard? Or will I need to upgrade to a 4.0? Any one see any difference in the two?

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No problem whatsoever, In fact, most mining motherboard manufacturers tell you to set the PCIE speed to GEN2. Whether you use the pcie sockets on the motherboard or X1 to X16 risers, Gen 2 speed is good to go.

I have yet to try it, but the new risers from GPURISERS.COM use higher quality/performance parts and are now rated at PCIe 3 speeds. Use code RedPandaMining for a $5 discount on a 6-pak.

Most miners use H-110 or B-250 motherboards that only support gen6 or gen7 Intel processors. They are good with the cheaper pentium or celeron processors. You don’t need the performance of an I3, I5, or I7 processor.