RTX 3060 Ti LHR hashrate has fallen

Hi All,
I have an Octominer with 8 RTX 3060 Ti LHR cards all doing 60MH until recently 2 of the cards dropped to 20MH. Everything I know to try hasn’t helped (I’m a newb). Does anybody know what has happened? Are the GPU’s heat throttling? Please help and TIA


Do you have any temp data? Did you power cycle the rig? Are all cards running the same algorithm?


This sounds like a temperature and hardware related issue rather than software as the LHR is actually higher than that…

You could check all the cables going to those two GPUs and make sure theres nothing loose or burnt.

If you use splitters or anything make sure to visually inspect the connectors.

Pci-e slots need to be absolutely clean and free of hair or dust because of obvious reasons.

You could try to configure the rig differently to see if other cards do the same thing in those positions.

Make sure all the fans are working on the octominer itself as Red Panda Mining posted a video about his and coincidentally his server case fans were breaking.

If its a power issue you would probably see a load evidence on the PSUs, its pretty evident with the Dell server PSUs when they are under load as the voltage actually drops from 11.9 to 11.8 on mine.

If using any kind of automatic driver updating tools make sure they are not being corrupted every time it is run.

And obviously make sure your drivers are perfect because those things are so finnicky.