RTX 3090 VRAM Temperature

Hey all,

I am mining with the RTX 3090. I am using the Nice Hash Quick Miner.

When the mining is set to Lite, the VRAM averages 96 degrees. When I use the Medium setting, the VRAM averages 104 degrees.

What effect will these temperatures have on the life span of the GPU?

Has anyone been able to lower the VRAM temperature?

Update: I opened up the PC and placed a desk fan blowing on the GPU area. This has lowered the VRAM temperature to an average of about 96 degrees celsius on the medium mining setting.

Which 3090 are u using? My Asus tuf runs fine on ethash but my 3090 Fe needed thermal pads replacement and it’s been running fine ever since.

I am not sure what version 3090 I am using. Its inside an Alienware machine. What temperatures are you seeing on your 3090s?

How does ethash compare to nicehash?

I am hesitant to open up the unit to do any thermal pad replacements. I just got it and this is my first experience with mining.

I added a second desk fan pointing at the open panel. Its one of those micro coolers that uses water to cool the air it blows. It has dropped the temperature down to a steady 94 to 92 degrees on the medium mining setting. My concern is with air moisture. The air blown is not wet, I tested it with a paper towel but I still concerned that this may cause damage to the computer.

I don’t have ur card but I have run and read about Nicehash and if I understand it right Nicehash does not turn down the power setting for ur card. I run a RTX 2070 super and Nicehash had it set to 175w. I went to Hiveos and now I have to set to 125w and my temp is 64. I’m new to mining but after looking into things I really like Hiveos more control for new ppl.


I’m running the pny 3090 and I am running 100c for my vram. I have my power capped at 300w. Running about 110mh/s.

I’ve opened my FE 3090’s & 3080’s and replaced the thermal tape on the inside, this dropped VRAM temps at least 10c, there’s a few YouTube vids showing how to do this, it was pretty easy once I did the first one, takes about 30-45min each, I also upgraded the thermal paste on the chip. The after market 3090’s/3080’s that I have don’t seem to have the same problems as Nvidia Founders Edition.