Run a Hypercycle Node on Cardano

Hello everyone, looking to network with anyone here who may be interested in learning more about a startup I’m representing that allows anyone to run proprietary decentralized AI software that rewards them with a variety of crypto while the software increases in value over time. The company is called Hypercycle and they are in the SingularityNET ecosystem which itself is within the Cardano ecosystem. I thought mining communities might be a good place to get the word out since you already have the infrastructure to run multiple instances of the software at a time and can scale the product much quicker. Thanks!

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any website/github?

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Here’s what I just found. leading to

Lay it on us @EG2084

The question I’m wondering is , Does Hypercycle control all of the LQ pools associated with any transactions or is the person running the proprietary software allowed to build their own LQ pools.

And please don’t take me wrong, What is the benefit from going with Hypercycle instead of just creating our own node on the Cardano network? Assuming that anyone who can run Dapp type software can also write a Smart Contract on Linux CLI on the Cardano network and just create their own sub-chain using pre-config help from Cardano. (I don’t mean this to be a smart ass, I assume Hypercycle understands this and provides a specific benefit)


Sorry about the late response, the notification for replies got buried in my gmail. Great questions Kadiyania and you’re not coming off like a smart ass at all. Would you mind jumping on a call next week with the founder? His name is Toufi Saliba and as the technical architect of the project, he would be able to field these questions and articulate them more properly than I. Here’s some more information on the project.

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