Running 2 ASIC S19 miners

Hello, I am trying to run 2 ASIC S19 miners (3250 watts each) plugged into (2) 220 volt sockets per machine with both machines running on a single 6 gauge wire in conduit, tapping into (1)40 amp 2-pole breaker. Or should I tap into (2)20 amp 2-pole breaker.?

AC, Three Phase, Line to Neutral Voltage: I = 3520 W / (3 × 0.5 × 110 V) = 21.33 A
Most Elc, Supply stores heck even HD, and Lowes offer a quick reference guide. I really hope this was help full. Pleas use a Union Electrician if at all possible.

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You could do either. I prefer separate circuits when you have loads that are on continuously to isolate when you have problems.

If I am making the correct assumptions you have a 220v single phase supply:

3250 = v * i * pf

Pf = power factor assumed to be .95 for solid state loads

3250/(220*.95) = 15.5A continuous load

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thanks for the input. Yes. I’m getting a sub panel installed with 2x 2 -pole 20 amps just like u suggested. Pdu connection to Dedicated L6-20R socket through 8 gauge wire to each 2-pole breaker. I want a good electrical setup so I can have peace of mind. What are your thoughts ons the Beeminer liquid coolers? You can fit two into one cooler for $1500. Takes 70 watts per hour and quiets down and cools better then any air setup above 32 Degrees Fahrenheit

I am on a single phase 220v. Going with 2x
2-pole 20 amp breakers. Two hot wires and neutral for each machine (110+110)
3250/220= 14.8 amps. Using 20 amp l6-20r for each miner.

Immersion cooling works well if you use dielectric coolant. I would stay away from any water cooled solution if it were me.

curious if you have tried the Beeminer liquid cooler? I was going to try the MinerMaster Pro-A but they only hold 1 S19. Also hard to find. There are soooo many scam sites…

When I grew weed, not anymore, I ran a separate circuit.

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