RVN Cashout or Wait

Hello everyone,

I have 2150 RVN and the market is super bullish today. Yesterday I checked the price for total amount and it was $ 69.41 and when I refresh the page today it boomed up to $ 96.66. I definitely don’t have that much amount where I consider myself getting rich. I wanted to know what caused this change and where to look for the change if I am mining the coin. I use CoinMarketCap but that doesn’t provide much information.

Secondly, I wanted to know if is it the time to cash out? That is not something I am depending on. 2 months ago my office upgraded their Computers and I got the old GPUs in super cheap price and convert it to a rig. As I have the free electricity, I haven’t spent a single Dollar on it other than the initial setup.

Thank you!

Cashing out on a high is always a good idea if you need the money.