Rvx - erc20 redpackets

Hi all, as WenX will have Rivex (RVX) IEO (Limited ERC20 version of RVX) from 24 June 2020 to 26 June 2020 (3 days), we are excited to send our users RVX Red packet! Today is the last day and come to grab it!! Hurry up!! Read more: https://biduoduo.wenxpro.com/app/#/Demolition?eid=ajz0yv…

For more info please vist us on:
:globe_with_meridians: wenxpro.com

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Lemme guess. Another crypto something or another that will ask for our personal information and money?

Well, I for one am irritated that you laugh at a comment about keeping our personal security safe. This is a Chinese company yes? Yeah, they never do things badly. And then you post a lottery entry here? I’m done

Theres no such bad things on posting a free redpackets sir, its all free if you dont like it just ignore it :ok_hand:
Also fyi its all legit