RX 5500xt build issues

So I installed 6 cards on a Biostar 350 BTC motherboard. 3 are XFX and 3 are MSI. I have them all with default settings and I fire up NiceHash and guess what… yep, they all 6 benchmark differently to the point that 2 wont even mine. Well, they mine but at 0.00 hashrate.

I keep getting this message telling me to increase page size in windows to avoid issues and crashes. anyone know what the hell that means? Oh its in the PhoenixMinor Aglorithm.

I’m by no means an expert; but, I believe that refers to a boot issue.

System Properties --> Advanced Tab --> Performance Settings --> Advanced Tab --> Change button under virtual memory --> Custom Size – Set Button


uggggh. problem solved. I forgot to go into the control panel and increase the VMem size

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Thanks Bick. it came to me just as you were posting it. lol